Frow Concept Organization


Human Resources Policy


Recruitment and Development

  • To attract talented candidates from various sources and to implement a fair evaluation process during the recruitment process.
  • Organizing training and development programs to support the continuous development of employees.
  • Identifying employees’ strengths through performance evaluations and creating personal development plans.

Employee Rights and Motivation

  • To respect employee rights and to implement policies and procedures in accordance with legal regulations.
  • Adopting a fair and competitive reward system to reward performance and increase motivation.
  • Valuing everyone’s unique talents and perspectives by supporting diversity and inclusion policies.

Talent and Career Management

  • Creating a systematic talent management strategy to effectively identify and manage employees’ talents.
  • Understanding employees’ career goals and providing a supportive environment for them to achieve these goals.
  • Organizing mentoring and training programs to develop talents from internal resources.
  • Identifying advancement opportunities and encouraging internal promotion opportunities.

Work Environment and Cul ture

  • To create a culture where everyone has equal opportunities by promoting a fair working environment.
  • To promote a work culture based on the principles of collaboration, respect and transparency.
  • Evaluating the opinions of employees and providing a transparent environment by creating regular communication channels.

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